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PCI got you down?

Coupled with the release of our Agent Portal V3, we have moved our Managed Payments module into production. This new suite of tools was designed to equip the new agent portal as a fully PCI compliant virtual terminal by eliminating the need for any PCI data to penetrate your network boundary. We have accomplished this by setting up a tokenizing service integrated into the module that can leverage your existing merchant account or provide a smooth transition to one of our preferred merchant partners. PCI information entered in to either the agent portal or the consumer portal is seamlessly tokenized prior to being delivered to your on-premise data adapter for direct entry to your system of record. The managed payments module is also equipped to manage future payments including payment reminders/NITD, payment receipts and NSF notices. This functionality is optional and managed payments can still alleviate PCI burdens while allowing your internal systems to manage future payments.



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