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Divinity Portals

Your Gateway to Efficient Business

Divinity Software provides applications that tie to your current software, allowing superior service to Consumers, Agents, and Clients. 

Improve the consumer experience with an easy way to independently manage accounts, make payments, and manage contracts online.

Organizing the information between the agent and the consumer, we provide real-time access to e-docs and pertinent account information while the consumer is on the phone.

Automating and consolidating communication and reporting between service providers and clients, we assist with reducing errors and costs while increasing efficiency and compliance.

Propensio Portals

by divinity software

Consumer Portal

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Propensio Consumer Portal

Our Consumer Portal offers an easy-to-use online solution for self-service account resolution, allowing consumers to manage accounts, make payments, and upload documents securely. Fully responsive and compatible with computers, tablets, and smartphones, it ensures convenient access from any device.



Paying and managing consumer accounts online

Woman Texting

Offer email or text SMS notices and reminders.

Online Payment

Agree to payment arrangement schedules online


Compatibility across all devices (PC, iOS, tablet, and smartphone).

Shopping Online

Present custom settlement offers to  by consumer score, client covenant, or other business rules

Digital Contract

Send and retrieve e-signed agreements including Student Loan Rehab, Regulation-E Signatures, etc.

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Provide access to itemized statements or documents

Colleagues at Work

Allow consumers to easily manage their account online without having to speak to a representative unless needed.

Agent Portal

Our Agent Portal allows representatives to access account information and resolve issues quickly. Agents can instantly deliver documents via email and SMS, enabling one-call resolution and enhancing the consumer experience.


Digital Reading

Divinity Software enables agents to send and receive e-docs in real-time during phone calls, reducing turnaround time and improving payment conversion rates. The dashboard centralizes information for optimal collaboration between agents and consumers.

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Our Agent Portal allows immediate access and delivery of contracts, increasing compliance and reducing costs by eliminating postal delays and ensuring urgent actions are taken while consumers are still engaged.

Divinity Client Portal

Divinity Software Group's Client Portal documents every client request and automatically responds as tasks are completed. Requests and responses are attached to account records, and customizable work queues streamline client services. This automation reduces errors, speeds up processes, and decreases personnel needs.


Online Shopping

Divinity Software Group's Client Portal automates client request documentation and responses, attaching requests and notes to account records. Customizable work queues streamline services, reduce errors, and speed up processes. This portal saves time, enhances compliance, and boosts consumer satisfaction. It also allows efficient handling of legal concerns and disputes with account-level documentation uploads. The Client Portal supports payment reporting, demographic updates, statement delivery, and report/file uploads and downloads.

Person Analyzing Data

Daily client communication is costly and time-consuming, with risks from inexperienced reps. Automate with our Client Portal, which documents and responds to client requests automatically. Requests and responses are stamped to accounts, with customizable work queues. Reduce errors and speed up processes, cutting the need for a full staff.


Organize your B2B documents and payments with your account receivable customers.


Simplify data access and reporting, allowing for quicker insights as businesses work together.


Divinity's Client Module centralizes client data, helping to organize information efficiently and enabling personalized service through a unified platform.


Enhance collaboration among team members by providing a single source of truth for all client-related information


Ensures data accuracy and consistency, reducing errors and improving the reliability of client information.

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