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Modular Design

Custom Built for Your Business

Divinity Software is customizable to meet each organization’s needs within the accounts receivable industry. Our products were meticulously planned by a team of industry veterans and designed to provide you a comprehensive design using modules. Save time and money by using our all-inclusive software to consolidate your communication technology and replace many of the individual applications you currently deploy. Divinity Software integrates seamlessly with your system of record to streamline your daily processes, saving you time and money.


Divinity API

Our state-of-the-art API is the foundation that provides our applications real-time access to account information in your system of record, quickly and securely.

The Divinity Software API (Application Programming Interface) is the foundation for connecting our modular platform to your system of record for real-time data management. Each of the modules on our platform use the API to securely submit and retrieve account information to be displayed through our online portals. Divinity Software does not store or mirror any client data, minimizing the risk of a data breach. Divinity Software’s API has a light footprint on computing resources and only requires minimal resources from internal IT staff during setup. Divinity Software does not maintain any copy of your account records. Our proprietary API securely connects your system of record to our platform, displaying data for users in real-time without maintaining a copy on our servers. We work with each client to customize the API installation to meet the needs of your unique technology environment. Installing our API is simple and requires minimal effort from your technology resources.

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The Foundation that started it all.


Secure Communication

Divinity Software’s API is the foundation on which all of our modules are built. It does the heavy lifting to provide real-time data to your end users in a secure, flexible, and scalable format. All of our modules operate through our API which is locally located behind your firewall to maximize flexibility and security. The API connects your system of record to our secure hosted servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This gives users the most up-to-date account information while giving agents and clients the information and tools they need to provide the most accurate information possible, efficiently and quickly.


Divinity Payments

Optimized for full interaction from any device, consumers can independently receive real-time information, make payments and resolve account balances.

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Our Payments module provides consumers an easy-to-use, versatile payment portal to securely resolve any account balance online without agent assistance. Divinity Software integrates into your system of record through our API to automatically connect to workflows to change statuses, advance work dates, and reset payment reminders. Our Payments module has the ability to present custom payment terms via individual client requirements, age of account, agency policy, or any other key identifying account information.


Many consumers prefer to resolve their account without talking to an agent. Our Payments module provides this opportunity. Consumers are able to access account information, make payments, and more through a secure online portal that connects to your system of record in real-time. Creditors and collection service providers using our Payments module have proven positive ROI in every installation through increased monthly payments and reduced employee costs.

Payment Method

Efficient Accessibility

Designed to be fully responsive from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, our Payments module provides the efficiency and flexibility your consumers want. Through our state-of-the-art API, real-time data is accessible anytime, anywhere. You can give your consumers the independence they prefer while saving time and money.

Offers consumers the opportunity to make payments, check account balances, and more through our online Payment Portal. This module provides consumers the flexibility to pay their accounts online without agent assistance. Seamlessly present account balances and other information from your system of record and create a great online experience for consumers. Our Payment Portal has a proven positive ROI in every installation.

E-Doc Delivery

E-Doc Delivery

Securely create and send documents to consumers via email or SMS text using our online portal. Documents can include account media, disclosures, and more.

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Divinity Software’s E-Doc Delivery module, Propensio, creates the ability to send secure links via email or SMS text to immediately deliver electronic documents through our secure portal. E-Doc Delivery fully integrates with your system of record to post all logins and actions to each account history. With the ability to capture e-signatures and import them back into the host system immediately and automatically, Propensio integrates with work flows, can change status, advance follow up dates, and more.

Instant, Secure Delivery

Both the Consumer and Agent Portal benefit from the E-Doc Delivery module. Instant, secure delivery of documents combined with integrated automaticity of processes make this an invaluable module for day-to-day business in the accounts receivable industry.


Propensio’s Convenient Document Delivery

Connected through our advanced API, E-Docs are quickly and securely passed from the host system to the end user’s preferred device. As more consumers are moving towards electronic methods of communication, we’ve created the ability to securely deliver electronic documents and collect signatures, making compliance and communication convenient. All of Divinity Software’s modules are optimized to be fully responsive from all devices.

Consumer contact preferences drive the need for a secure email or text contact solution. With consent, you can eliminate postage and delays associated with traditional mail and deliver itemized statements, contracts, payment reminders, payment receipts, and more straight to the consumers’ computer, tablet, or smartphone through our E-Docs module.

IVR Phone

IVR Phone Automation

IVR payment technology allows consumers the convenience to pay by phone through an automated phone system designed to provide the best user experience.

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Divinity Software’s IVR Phone Automation module is a user-friendly interface that collects payments and allows consumers to check their balance over the phone without requiring integration into your phone system. Consumers are provided a local phone number which allows them to seamlessly connect to an agent at any time. Alternatively, our IVR module can use caller identification and specified account information to authenticate the caller, allow access to the account, and collect payment information. By automating the payment process, our IVR module reduces errors and costs while increasing your profitability.

Seamless Integration

Our IVR Phone Automation module is designed for use in conjunction with our Consumer Portal. Through automation that doesn’t require any additional technological installations, purchases, or integrations from your staff, our IVR module seamlessly provides another convenient avenue for consumers to independently make payments on their accounts.

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Flexible and Secure

Consumers increasingly prefer to manage accounts independently and without agent interaction. Reducing interactions between consumers and agents can reduce complaints and increase consumer satisfaction. Our IVR Phone Automation module gives consumers the flexibility to either make a payment with an agent or without an agent after electronically validating their identity. Our API module seamlessly streams data in real-time while IVR completes the transaction and then transmits the transaction information back to your system of record.

Our integrated IVR module enables consumers to manage their accounts through an automated phone system. The IVR module connects to your system of record through our proprietary API, feeding real-time information to your consumers for over-the-phone account management. Consumers can make payments, check balances, and perform other account functions.



Improve payment plan compliance by presenting payment arrangements, terms, and authorizations that can be signed electronically from any device.

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Divinity Software’s Automated Reg-E solution simplifies compliance by presenting payment terms to consumers, capturing e-signatures, and making copies available to the consumer at any time. When the consumer enters a payment arrangement online through the automated system, the consumer is presented arrangement terms and an authorization to be signed electronically. Consumers are able to complete the entire process in just a couple of minutes.

Advance Your Compliance

The Reg-E module was designed to simplify compliance with Regulation E while improving bottom-line collection results. This module is for both the Consumer and Agent Portals and provides real-time data through our advanced API, which is connected directly to your system of record.

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Increase Conversion

Consumers are more likely to complete a transaction if it is able to be completed quickly. Through our cutting-edge API technology, our Reg-E module streams information securely and is responsive from any device. We help you deliver consumers the speed and performance they want to minimize wait times and increase your conversion. Give your agents the tools to finalize a larger number of agreements in a shorter amount of time.

Our Regulation-E solution provides a smooth workflow for complying with signature requirements related to consumer payment plans. The Reg-E module allows agents to immediately present consumers with the payment arrangement, terms, and an authorization for electronic signature. The whole process is completed online within a couple of minutes, and consumers are able to login to access and manage account information at any time.

Collaborative Signatures

Collaborative Signatures

Drastically reduce turnaround time and simplify processes with the ability to generate, transfer, and collect signatures on contracts during a phone call.

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Executing contracts while maintaining a sense of urgency is challenging. It is critical to reduce or eliminate turnaround time and increase consumer compliance with documents and contracts. Divinity Software’s is the “do it all in one phone call” system. This module gives agents the ability to assist consumers with document review and contract signing as well as automatically attaching the contracts directly to the account in your system of record. The ability to securely deliver the document to the consumer, provide interactive assistance while the consumer is on the phone, and assist with the signature process significantly reduces the time agents spend on outgoing contact to consumers to urge the signing and returning of mailed documents.

High Speed Pace of Business

The Collaborative Signature module was designed for use in the Consumer and Agent Portals. Improving turnaround time and the speed with which agents can complete tasks, this module adds value to both portals because of its capability to immediately deliver important documents while on the phone with the consumer, maintaining the highest sense of urgency with the consumer.

Executive Making a Phone Call

Meet Consumer Demand

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with conducting business on their smartphones. We designed our Contract Sign module with this in mind, making the module compatible and fully responsive across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. Consumers are able to receive contracts and documents, view them on their preferred device, and even complete an e-signature, all while on the phone with an agent.

Collaborative Signatures is your “do it all in one call” system. Don’t waste valuable time trying to follow up on outstanding agreements with consumers after documents and contracts have been mailed. With our Collaborative Signatures module, agents can securely deliver the document to the consumer and assist them through the signature process while on the phone.

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