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The Perfect Mix of Technology Tools to Drive Profits


Our state-of-the-art API is the foundation that provides our applications real-time access to account information in your system of record,quickly and securely.


Built to fit your needs.

Divinity Software understands receivables management. Our modular system combines to be the all-encompassing, flexible, and secure software that replaces many of the individual tools that receivables firms have historically pieced together. Designed by our experienced team with decades of knowledge gained from the agency, consumer, and compliance standpoints, Divinity Software customizes each solution based on the individual needs of each client.


Our online Consumer Portal improves the customer experience by enabling consumers to resolve their accounts online. Give your consumers the flexibility to access and resolve accounts independently, anywhere, and from any device.


The Agent Portal is the real-time gateway to securely access account information and the documents agents need while on the phone with the consumers, giving agents the ability to immediately deliver documents straight to the consumers’ preferred device.


Improve your client’s experience by managing client communication, creating automated work processes, and providing an advanced file repository. Our Client Portal sets your business apart as a model of efficiency and compliance.


Divinity Software provides applications that tie to your current software, allowing superior service to Consumers, Agents, and Clients. 

Jack W. Brown III, President, Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc.

“Divinity Software is the best return on investment than any of our recent dialer investments by far.  Through tracking our data, I know that the Divinity Payment Module alone accounts for over 12.5% of our total monthly revenue. It has allowed us to grow without adding collectors; I feel that we would have had to hire and train at least 5 collectors for the work that Divinity is doing for us now.  This is the preferred method of communication by consumers and will only continue to climb.”

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