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Security, Security, Security!

We are proud to announce the release of our new self-tunneling API! As many of you know, our architecture includes an on-premise component that connects your live data to our suite of tools in real time eliminating the need for any batch transfers or duplication of data. This was the first great leap in security. Since we never persist your sensitive data, we have eliminated a significant attack vector present in many systems. It further secures your infrastructure by obfuscating the data at rest from the application infrastructure itself. As the consumer interacts solely with the web applications in the cloud, they remain completely unaware that the data actually exists secured in your private network. Well, we have taken the next step by eliminating the need for any on-premise service to listen on the intranet for requests from the cloud applications! With the release of our self-tunneling API, our data adaptor can now be installed on any server in your infrastructure, and it will establish a secure tunnel with our services in the cloud eliminating the need for any firewall updates, port forwarding, SSL certificates or DMZ configuration while further decreasing your risk footprint.



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